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Flowers aren't merely for special occasions, we see them as a daily necessity, We deliver eco-friendly boxes bursting with the freshest flowers, expertly curated, to your door!

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Our Subscription Plans That Suit Every Home Relevant for a studio, apartment, villa, townhouse etc.

Premium Subscription
  • Why not bring the beauty and joy of seasonal blooms into your life or to someone special?
  • 23-30 Flowers
  • Eco Friendly Package
Grand Subscription
  • Peonies, Roses, Lillies, Tulips, Pussy Willows, Spikes, Ranunculus, Hydrangea, Eucalyptus and Orchids etc.
  • 22 -27 Flowers
  • Eco Friendly Package
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Our Story

Living sustainably has become an increasingly important aspect of modern life. Not only does it benefit the planet, but it can also have a profound impact on our personal happiness and sense of fulfilment. At our company, we believe that one of the most powerful ways to live in harmony with nature is by incorporating flowers and Plants into our daily lives.

The Gaia subscription

We're thrilled to introduce our service: reintroducing fresh flowers into your residences on a weekly or monthly basis. We believe that bringing in these beautiful, natural elements can infuse your home with a sense of vitality, calm, joy, and freshness that simply can't be replicated by anything else. Research has shown that simply being in the presence of flowers can have a positive effect on our mood and overall well-being. By incorporating this service into your lifestyle, you're not only making a sustainable choice, but also investing in your own happiness and satisfaction.

We're excited to help you create a more sustainable, joyful, and fulfilling lifestyle by bringing the beauty of nature right into your own home.

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It’s too easy to get started with us, simple steps to follow :-)

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