Want To Keep Your Flowers Fresh? Follow These Tips.

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Wednesday 26 October 2022Wed 16 Feb
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We all know flower has a significant impact on the human lifestyle. But, do you know? flowers also require special care and attention to keep fresh and long-lasting. Follow these simple tips to keep your flower fresh for a long time.

Begin With Clean Vase

Start with the container, and ensure the vase is well-washed. So, no bacterial residue affects your new addition. A glass vase is best for flowers, a porous or iron vase that gets oxidized with water reduces the lifetime of flowers.

Quality Of Water

Everyone is aware of adding water to the vase but not all are aware of the quality of water flowers needs. Fill ⅔ the vase with room temperature water and change it every third day. Rinse the flower stem while changing the water in the vase. To keep flowers healthy mix two spoons of sugar in water.

Cut Stem In Right Angle

The most important rule while cutting the flower stem. It is always best to cut the stem at a 45-degree angle do you know why? This method of cutting makes the flower absorb more water. Cut 2 cm with a sharp knife, avoid using scissors. Remember to put flowers immediately after cutting the stem or it is a wise idea to cut the stem placing it in water.

Get Rid Of Decayed Leaves

The presence of leaves below the waterline makes the water dirty. So, it is always advised to cut the leaves below the waterline. Get rid of decayed leaves immediately as it rises the risk of spoiling the flowers.

Even Flowers Need Food

Prolong the life of flowers with the help of flower food. What is flower food? Flower food gives additional nutrients to flowers to keep them fresh for a long time. Ask your florist for flower food packets or you can DIY your flower food.

Bottom Line

Don’t see your beautiful flower wilt so fast. Follow these simple steps to make your flower prolong its life. Subscribe to Gaia flowers for fresh seasonal varieties of flowers to deliver to your doorstep. For more details check our website www.gaiauae.com.

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